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To ensure the sustainability of your business operations, we implement hardware & software based managed network & security services. This enables Kelco engineers to monitor and receive vital information about network devices & services in real time 24 hours a day. We are often aware of many problems and resolve them before they impact your business. The monthly reports produced by this offering have become essential tools for IT managers, corporate executives and business owners. You will get valuable assets inventory reports; these reports will list detailed resource information including installed software & patches. Additionally we have the ability to manage and deploy software updates and patches remotely. Problem resolution time is decreased significantly because we configure secure remote access to all workstations and devices on your network, including branch office locations.

We will deploy a trouble ticketing and alert system to capture, track and identify support and outage trends. You can now benefit from statistics on the availability of network services including e-mail, printing, websites, FTP sites and remote access. Additionally we will set alerts to notify our engineers (and you if desired) when disk space or available memory falls below specified thresholds for workstations or servers. No more fire fighting, your stakeholders expect high levels of availability and access. Enjoy sustainable performance and focus on your core-competency and business strategies.

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